About Us

Picture of blog founder holding a fake pipe and reading an enormous book

Hi there, it’s Lisa here, your friendly neighbourhood blog founder!

This blog began its life as an attempt to document my Masters research project. My lab had amazing views of Sheffield and I enjoy trying to take arty photos, so I decided to make it a photo blog. However, I soon ran out of interesting updates to post because the first 3 months of my project involved doing the same experiment over, and over….and over again. Science sometimes progresses in small steps over many months or years, so it can be hard to keep up an interesting blog when things are going slowly.

The idea for the blog as it is now was born at a ScienceGrrl pub social. We realised that if a lot of different scientists contributed to a single blog they would only have to write one post each, making blogging a much less scary prospect. This way the blog could also show the diversity of what scientists really do at work, instead of how they make it look in the movies. I was also inspired by a talk by Brady Haran (of Numberphile fame) where he mentioned that sometimes scientists get so used to what they’re doing that they forget that it’s pretty darn cool.

As the blog has grown it’s become a lot of work, so I now have a team of volunteers helping me out. If you’re interested in getting involved then just drop us an email, or if you’d like to write a post take a look at this page. Read on for more about our lovely current volunteers!

Hello I’m Grace. I’ve recently finished a PhD in molecular virology & now I’m a research scientist working on how the bacteria that live in our gut affect the progression of childhood diseases. I’ve always loved science and talking about science!  I became interested in science communication when doing careers outreach and realising no one I spoke to really knew what a scientist actually does day to day.  Hopefully this blog can help answer that question.