Suzanne Jansze – Supramolecular Chemist

Name: Suzanne Jansze

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

What do you do: I am a supramolecular chemist working in the group of prof. Kay Severin at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. I work on clathrochelate metalloligands which can be used for the formation of defined supramolecular structures. We focus on designing defined structures, like cages with interesting encapsulation behavior.

So in simpler words, we design building blocks that can be easily synthesized and perfectly fit together to form bigger structures, called cages. These cage structures have a cavity on the inside in which we can (hopefully) encapsulate other functional small molecules. These encapsulated small molecules are then shielded from the surrounding environment as long as they are inside the cage and cannot preform any other function until released from the cage.

What can you see: A view from just outside my lab, on the EPFL campus with two rainbows.

When I’m not doing science I… drive my motorcycle, do volunteer work and visit friends & family.

If you’d like to find out more about Suzanne’s work you can look on the group’s website: and/or find her on twitter @S_Jansze